I read my lesbian BDSM story "Penetration" aloud (NSFW)

In the world of funny coincidences, a short story I wrote almost 20 years ago got two shout outs in the media last week!
The story is “Penetration,” which first appeared in Best Lesbian Erotica 1997, was later reprinted in “Best of Best Lesbian Erotica,” and also appeared in my collection of erotic short stories that HarperCollins published in 1998, Black Feathers. The story became somewhat infamous at the time, especially since I used to read it aloud to squirming audiences everywhere.
At For Books Sake, Ali Williams wrote an article about “Everyday Objects in Erotica,” ranging from food & drink to detachable shower heads.
Then over at Bon Appetit (yes, the gourmet food mag), Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote about “Food in Erotic Literature.” And picked “Penetration” as one of the “12 Examples to Make your Mouth Water.”
Since it’s been so long since the story was published, and right now you can only get it in the ebook of Black Feathers, I thought maybe I’d re-visit those days when this was a staple of the stories I read at women’s bookstores and sexuality conferences and BDSM events and make an audio recording of it.
So here you go, through the magic of “SoundCloud”, seven minutes of Penetration:

Not Safe For Work!

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