A tree fell on my house.

Ouch. So, last night at about 5 am I wrapped up what I was writing. The wind and rain had been a gale all day and night, with branches knocking against the house and so forth. The tall pine tree in my neighbor’s front yard, the one which is pretty much between our two houses (which are only a few yards apart) goes up about ten feet and then splits into multiple trunks. In the heavy wet snowstorm a few weeks ago, the trunk on her side cracked and broke, and the tree has been leaning on her roof ever since.
As I got ready to go to bed, I typed into my Twitter feed/Facebook status: “Going to unplug laptop and bring it in the bedroom with me. Paranoid that the broken tree next to the house is going to crash into my office.”
I unplugged the computer and stood up, and then CRASH! The trunk on our side cracked and the house shook as the bole came down with a whump against the corner of the roof right where I was standing.
Fortunately it was a relatively gentle bump, no windows broke, and as far as I can tell, there’s no leaking or anything. I still ran into the bedroom and typed: “holy shit! No sooner did I type that when the tree fell on the house!!! So far no damage on the INSIDE, but from the skylight I can see it!”
and: “My hands are shaking. But everything’s OK here. I hope. If roof is damaged, it’s not leaking visibly. And I’m not hurt, just freaked!!!”
Today the rain slowed down enough that I went out with a camera and umbrella and took photos. Here you go:

My house is the blue one on the right. The left side trunk broke a few weeks ago and they told my neighbor it would be a while before they got around to her because in the snowstorm there were so many downed trees. Well… now this.

Yes, this tree has “Wol’s House” (Owl’s House) in it. And eyes.


  1. Yow! That’s a big tree. You’re so lucky it fell gently. I’m glad you’re OK. I hope your neighbor agrees that the whole tree needs to go.

  2. ok, i’m taking physically manifest what you believe lessons from you next week. i surrender
    omg i’m going out to eat and wash and hike with jake before a big bag of money falls into my yard…
    SO glad you’re ok, i just get fires, earthquakes, thrown off and accidentally head butted by my horses mud slides my 50 ft ficus simply falls into the jacuzzi
    (yes he is VERY tre- California) would never lower himself to tar and stucco on the roof lol

  3. Yeah, I’m really going to miss the shade of the tree in the summer, when it kept my attic office nice and cool! I may have to get curtains finally. Sigh.

  4. Glad you’re okay and it didn’t fall harder. By the way, care to tweet about how you’re afraid I’ll win the lottery or something? 😉

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