Have a treat! NSFW scene from Magic University: The Siren and the Sword

MU1_new_cover_100x150It’s Halloween time, and Day of the Dead, and the time when magic is strongest, at least that’s what I wrote in the Magic University books! In honor of the brand new edition of The Siren and the Sword (book one) coming out, I thought I would treat you all to a sweet excerpt!
Kyle has arrived at Harvard to discover he’s magical and belongs in the hidden magical university on the campus. Thrust suddenly into a curriculum he’s never studied before, Kyle finds some subjects more challenging than others. But here’s his girlfriend Jess to help him study…
(Scene after the cut! I did say NSFW, right?)
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Soothsaying Practices of the Western World left Kyle dizzy and wondering how he could even hope to grasp all the practices they’d covered. Tea leaves, coffee grounds, molten lead hardened in water, crystal balls, runes, Tarot, flame scrying, palmistry, psychometry, weathercasting—and to think they hadn’t even gone into astrology because that was a whole separate class!
The other students seemed to have grown up taking these things for granted. Kyle wondered how many omens he was missing every single day. He’d known that if you found a penny it was good luck, but he’d thought it was only the ones that were heads up. Apparently, it was all pennies, though? The bit about black cats and walking under ladders, false. But there were other ones his classmates insisted were true and Kyle was finding it harder and harder to keep track of them.
He opened his textbook on omens and tried to read, but was too distracted by worrying to actually absorb what he was looking at.
Thankfully, Jess came in not long after that. “Hello, sweetness,” she said, planting a kiss on his lips. “What are you doing hanging around?”
“Oh, I thought maybe I’d catch Alex to help me with some studying, but apparently he’s at the library.”
Jess pursed her lips. “I’ve never seen him actually study this hard before. He’s been there a lot lately. Maybe his project is behind schedule. ”
Kyle sighed.
Jess slipped onto the couch next to him. “Want me to help you with your studying instead?”
He put his arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss. “I can think of something I’d rather do. Your roommate said she’ll be at the lab all night.”
“Oh? On a Thursday? How funny.” Jess’s smile turned sly. “But convenient. Maybe you’re leading a charmed life, Kyle Wadsworth?”
“Oh, um…”
“I have to write five pages tonight, but come on.” She took him by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom. “Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.”
She closed the door behind him. “Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.”
“All right.” He put his books down and began getting undressed. “You’re not going to?”
Jess put her hands on her hips. “Are you going to argue with me, or do as I say? Trust me, Kyle, you’ll like my idea.”
“Okay.” He stripped down to his socks and lay back on her bed. She leaned over him and tied a strip of soft cloth over his eyes.
The next thing he felt was her lips brushing over his, just enough sensation to make him gasp with surprise before she pulled away. Then her mouth returned, full and wet. He groaned against her tongue, feeling the blood rushing to his groin already.
“So what are you having trouble with?” she asked, settling next to him on the bed. As far as he could feel, she was still fully clothed. She trailed her fingertips down his bare chest.
“Omens and the Tarot,” he answered. “Just can’t seem to get them fixed in my head.”
“All right, then.” He felt her breath warm in his ear and it sent more thrills down his skin. “What’s the meaning of…the Two of Swords?”
“Um, balance, but it’s a precarious balance usually? Like someone may have to choose between two things, but neither choice might be all that good.”
“Very good.” She pressed a kiss to his temple and he felt her fingertips graze his cock. “Let’s say you get five strokes for every one you get right.”
He sucked in a breath as her cool fingers took loose hold of his half-hard cock and tugged it gently five times. When she let go, he was nearly fully hard, and her fingers continuing to wander over his nipples and stomach were all it took to bring him to completely straining.
“How about The Moon?”
“Um, wildness. Someone’s animal side.”
“Rawr. Very good, tiger.” She rewarded him with five more soft strokes. “If you keep up like this, I’ll have to get the lube soon.”
Well, this was certainly a bit different from his previous review session. His cock twitched.
“The Sun?”
“Joy and fulfillment.”
“Mm, maybe you get ten strokes for that one, though you’re far from fulfillment,” she teased. He heard the wet sound of her licking her hand, and had to struggle not to thrust into her strokes.
And so it went, the very gradual build-up of his arousal as she quizzed him on card after card. Eventually she used the lube from the little bottle by the side of her bed, which stayed slick no matter how slowly she went or how long a pause to think he had to take. Sometimes when she liked an answer he gave especially, she would swirl her thumb a few extra seconds around the head.
He was panting and damp from arousal and very close to coming, though not close enough to come from five light strokes alone, when she began to quiz him on the omens. Once he’d named off the meanings of a half dozen, she closed her hand firmly around his shaft.
“Your turn to move,” she said. “As long as you are naming off omens and their meanings, I’ll keep a hold of you. If you falter or have to stop to think, I’ll let go.”
“Ah! You witch!” he cried, and they both giggled at that, Kyle a little breathlessly.
“I know. I’m a regular Jezebel, aren’t I?”
Something in the way she said that made him think he ought to ask her about it…but later. Right now she was loosening her grip. “Rainbows! Rainbow means good luck, and a rainbow over green trees means unconditional love. Acorns falling on you are good luck, too. A grasshopper in the house means…”
What did it mean? Something…
Jess lifted her hand and he made a whine of frustration. “You know it or you wouldn’t have said it,” she prompted.
“A grasshopper in the house means…a good friend will visit you.” She put her hand back, but now he had to keep talking. “Um, a…a cat sneezing is good luck for a bride.” He was so close now that as she held tight and he forced his cock up and down through the slick tunnel of her fingers, he was having trouble breathing and speaking at the same time. “Two crows at your window is good luck! Three means a wedding! A flat tire means an inheritance! Falling stars are…” But he cried out as he began to spill through her fingers. Her thumb milked the head as he came, intense colors swirling in the darkness of his vision behind the blindfold.
He was still panting when she kissed him as if eating the sweetness of his orgasm on his breath. “I…um…”
She giggled at his lack of coherence and pulled the blindfold free.
Her smile made him smile. “Hi,” he said, like he was seeing her for the first time that day.
“Hi,” she said back.
“I think I’m glad Alex was at the library,” he said.

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