Yes, my birthday is coming up. Public displays of affection requested.

Okay. People keep asking me what I want for my birthday, which is in two weeks. I’ve set aside Saturday the 10th to celebrate but haven’t figured out what I want to do. Sleep might be good given the pace at which I’ve been living life…? Heh. Just kidding.
But seriously. Can’t figure out what to get for the writer who has everything she could possibly need, except that she uses up her tea stashes regularly? (Okay, yeah, gift certificates to any of the online tea places I rave about at my tea blog– ( — like Holy Mountain Tea Co, Aroma Tea Shop, Teavana, Tealuxe, Imperial Tea Court, etc… will never go to waste…)
BUT, how about this? Three ways folks can totally make me feel loved & celebrated but which don’t cost any money. In fact, these are priceless:
1) Write something nice about my books on the Internet. Good reviews at and on networking sites like Goodreads, Library Thing, and Shelfari (if you participate in those) are more valuable to me than physical stuff.
2) If you like reading my stuff generally, how about reading and leaving comments on my free online serials? Daron’s Guitar Chronicles updates 2-3 times a week at and The Prince’s Boy updates every Wednesday at Most days feedback is better validation for a writer than a paycheck.
3) Write me some fanfic set in one of my universes or using my characters. A fandom lawyer told me I should never read fanfic based on my own stuff. Um, so far I haven’t listened. (You could also totally write me some Snape/Draco, a pairing of which there is never enough in the world, as far as I’m concerned….)
Next year, I’ll ask for world peace and equality? Or maybe for Christmas. Yeah. 😉

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