BDSM Writers Con Feature Author: Cara Downey

CaraDowney_200pxI’m pleased to host another of the authors I’ll be meeting this August in New York City at BDSM Writers Con. Today’s guest is poet Cara Downey.
1. How did you get started writing about BDSM?
CARA DOWNEY:  I was drawn to BDSM and a part of me was always interested in the topic. However, in the beginning, I didn’t know what it was. Then I read The Sweet Series by Maya Banks and that was basically my introduction in to the world of erotic romance and BDSM. It was then that something clicked. I began to devour as much as I could about BDSM… I was reading fiction, non-fiction, while at the same time taking a closer look at my own desires, fantasies etc. In the course of me doing research, I came across BDSM the Naked Truth and BDSM for Writers by Dr. Charley Ferrer. I knew then the time was now for me to write down my own desires fantasies and wants etc. What I learned from reading those two books written by Dr. Ferrer, helped me to understand myself etc. and also helped in shaping my erotic poetry/short stories. I have a lot to learn, but I am really excited about what the future holds for me.
2. Would you say you’ve learned anything from reading BDSM fiction, romance, or erotica? What were the lessons you gleaned?
CARA DOWNEY:  I learned BDSM is more mainstream then I first thought.  I learned I’m not the only one who has these fantasies and desires… not to mention the massive readership out there hungry for more. I also learned that there is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life and finding that special someone to share it with.
3. Is there something you hope people learn or come away from your book(s) knowing or feeling? What is it? 
CARA DOWNEY: My hope is when people read my current and future books; they see how amazing BDSM truly is. I’ve said this numerous times… BDSM is beautiful and with the right person it can be magical. Yes, there are ups and downs, but that is attestable in all relationships. I also want people to know they are not alone!
4. What’s the most fun you ever had researching a book or story? 
CARA DOWNEY: Ohhh… can I keep that one a secret for now? *blushing*
5. What are you hoping will be the most awesome thing about BDSM Writers Con? 
CARA DOWNEY: I’m hoping more of our fans will see how truly amazing this lifestyle is J I still have my training wheels on and loving every minute of the learning processing. The BDSM writers con has provided me with an avenue of learning. With that being said, I don’t want to just write erotic novels, poetry/short stories with a few BDSM scenes. I want to write comprehensive and compelling erotic novels, novellas etc. that deeply explore the depths of the lifestyle and the relationship dynamics. I know that will come with time and continued learning, research and reading. *smiles*
Find out more about Cara, her poetry, and her writing at
Cara will be one of the many writers, readers, and enthusiasts for BDSM fiction and literature who will be gathering in New York City August 20-23 for the writer’s conference, book fair, autograph sessions, and BDSM lifestyle seminars and other fantastic program items that will comprise BDSM WRITERS CON. For more information visit

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