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Okay, folks, with the release of The Incubus and the Angel (Book 3) forthcoming on April 8, it’s time to figure out who should go on the cover of book 4 in the Magic University Series: The Poet and the Prophecy.
A couple of things to consider:
This far the covers have shown:
Kyle: the main character of the whole series
Frost: Kyle’s main antagonist
Alex: Kyle’s best friend
Should we consider repeating Kyle, who is the main character of the whole series of course, to finish the set?
All the characters shown so far are male. I realize that masculinity and male sexual power are central themes of this series so I’m not against having all male characters appear, but the question of diversity is worth asking. Is it time for a female character?
Another thought is that we will also be doing the a new cover for the anthology of MU short stories, Spellbinding, so whoever doesn’t end up on this book could end up on that one. 🙂
I’ve restricted the choices to people who have reasonably significant roles to play in the book. (Caitlyn Speyer, for example, already graduated so she can’t be on this book. And some of the new characters here are fun, like Persy and Vish and Indra, but they don’t get much screen time…)
Comments welcome and please vote in the poll! (Click to go to poll if embedded on doesn’t show up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5RF9FFY)

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