Cover reveal & excerpt! Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University

Spellbinding_cover_RGB_iconsizeFirst time in paperback! I’m so excited to bring you the brand new cover design for SPELLBINDING, the anthology of stories set in my Magic University universe, some written by me, many written by other authors and fanfic writers whom I invited to come play in my sandbox. The stories are very erotic and very magical, covering a wide range of characters and sexualities!
And it was your votes that determined who will be on the cover of not only this book but the fourth and final novel in the series, as well! You voted for Master Brandish to appear on the cover of The Poet and the Prophecy, which will wrap up the series in September, and the second place vote, for Damiana Pendragon, we decided to put on the anthology!
Art and giveaway under the cut!
Of course if you wish to pre-order the anthology, you can do so at Amazon or Smashwords.
To celebrate the new cover and the upcoming release of the anthology on July 9th, the following blogs are participating in today’s cover reveal! Each one has a separate tasty excerpt of hot fiction from the anthology!
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You can also enter to win one of 5 advance reading copies of Spellbinding I’ll be giving away! If you’re in the US or Canada you have a choice of paperback or ebook, and if you’re outside the US/Canada it’ll be ebook. Enter through the Rafflecopter giveaway below.
And keep scrolling down to see the gorgeous new art by Fox Estacado!
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When lovers meet, it’s magic–literally–when your characters are studying at the Magic University and erotic magic is the most powerful of all. In these 17 short stories featuring characters from Cecilia Tan’s Magic University LGBT new adult romance series, erotic energy heals wounds, lifts curses, bonds some people together, and tears some people apart. Tan and a merry crew of nine writers explore the intriguing secondary characters, unanswered mysteries, and background stories of Veritas.
Spellbinding includes 7 stories by Cecilia Tan–including two never before published!–and 10 by authors and fans she invited to come “play in her sandbox.” The stories range from fanciful “what ifs” to explorations of the backgrounds of characters we don’t fully learn in the course of the main novels. Through these tales we see Frost’s rescue as a child, the tumultuous relationship of Dean Bell and Master Brandish, what Kyle did on his summer vacation, and much more. Representing a range of sexualities, the stories include lesbian, gay, bi, and heterosexual pairings.
The Riverdale Avenue Books edition of Spellbinding will be the first in paperback and contains two never-before-published stories by Cecilia Tan. Any lover of magical erotic fiction will find much to enjoy, and any fan of Magic University will find these stories revealing.
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EXCERPT #1 from “Ignorance is Bliss” by Cecilia Tan, a story about Frost
Michael and I met in Enchantment class. We were lab partners; is that a cliche? How do most people meet their first boyfriend?
I suppose most people have already met their first boyfriend by the time they are in college. But remember, I was raised by wolves. At first, anyway. I’d actually spent my teen years living with two nice old ladies who were happy to foster a magical foundling, just a few blocks from the campus of Veritas. From no protection at all to overprotected, in other words. Neither one is conducive to dating.
Michael and I were both wide-eyed and quiet as church mice that first semester, though perhaps part of that was no one wanted to upset Professor Cross. She was a brute when it came to practice and homework and grading on a curve. Fail her class and you could forget being an enchanter.
“Put your hand in mine,” Michael said in a quiet, quiet voice. We were sitting facing each other, working on an exercise from the syllabus. Around us everyone was paired off and doing the same thing, while Cross stalked up and down, looking for mistakes or lack of focus. He held up a hand, his palm open.
I hesitated for a moment. Physical contact wasn’t something I’d had much of in years. It wasn’t something I’d ever remembered wanting, and since moving to Cambridge, it had never been forced on me.
This wasn’t forced, though. It was an exercise for a class. Michael’s eyes were large and round and expectant.
I put my hand in his.
It was all downhill from there.
(to read part 2 continue to SexyRomanceNovels!)


  1. Totally not going to lie, I would be stoked about Esoteric Arts. Looking forward to more stories in the Magic University series.

    1. I should put up a poll when the book comes out this week asking people to vote on what class they’d most like to take. 🙂

    1. I really had a great time reading other people’s takes on my characters and magical system, too. They’re really good stories.

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