Crowdfunding Update

Wow. So earlier today I posted at Daron’s Guitar Chronicles and in my blogs that if folks were interested in seeing the “blow by blow” action on the sex scene that recently appeared in summary form, well, I would write the scene and only send the “bonus track” to those who donate in the tip jar.
So far seven lucky readers have received the emailed scene, which I finished a few hours ago. It’s 1500 words, pure Daron. It’s not too late to receive this yourself–I’ll take donations for it until end of Friday, basically. You set the amount of your donation to whatever you want. (Click here to donate.)
Also, since these donations totaled more than $25, there will be a bonus chapter posted on Saturday! (Every time donations hits $25, it triggers a third post in that week. Otherwise the usual is two posts a week.) If these donations end up topping $50, I’ll add a bonus post next week, and so on, too!
Thanks again to everyone who has contributed, and to those who are reading even if they can’t contribute. Comments are love, too. 🙂

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