Chat with Cecilia Tan and Daron this Tuesday!

To celebrate the release of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Book Seven, I’ll be doing TWO chats this coming Tuesday:
8-9pm Daron and I will be in the new text chatroom on the DGC website! It’s very easy to log in to and chat. Details and instructions here: but the chat window is accessible on any page on
9-10pm I’ll be livestreaming on my Youtube Channel! I’ll take reader questions (send some in advance by commenting here!), read from the new book, and give away some fun stuff.

All times are Eastern US time (EDT).
Pre-order: B&N | Amazon | Smashwords

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  1. Some questions I’ve compiled so far from various social media sites:
    Does Cecilia play guitar and if so does she play any of Daron’s songs?
    We know Daron identifies as gay (despite or maybe because of his few sex encounters with women), but how does Ziggy identify?
    What’s Daron’s favorite band or musician of all time?
    I saw your tweet that you’re going to Alaska. Does this mean Daron will go to Alaska?

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