Red Silk Editions almost here!

Woo! You can now pre-order printed copies of my paranormal romances, MIND GAMES, and the first two books of the Magic U series, THE SIREN AND THE SWORD and THE TOWER AND THE TEARS. Red Wheel has the books up in their online catalog right now:
MIND GAMES will be shipped August 1, 2010
THE SIREN AND THE SWORD comes October 1, 2010
and THE TOWER AND THE TEARS follows on December 1, 2010!
BITES OF PASSION, an anthology of erotic vampire stories I edited, will also be out on August 1, 2010. Pretty cool, eh?
For those who missed earlier news, these are all books I did in ebook with Ravenous Romance first, which Red Wheel Weiser, a publisher specializing in new age, occult, and Tarot non-fiction books, has licensed to launch a new paranormal romance imprint in the mainstream bookstores. This is very nice. 🙂

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