Cecilia Tan's "Why I Write Bisexual Romance" now live on HuffPo for Queer Romance Month

First of all, did you know it’s Queer Romance Month? It is. This is the second year I’ve been part of QRM and I heart it heartily. Check out all the many wonderful essays and blogs and giveaways at QueerRomanceMonth.com.
As part of the shindig, my essay “Why I Write Bisexual Romance” went live yesterday at the Huffington Post. Read the whole thing here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cecilia-tan/invisible-friends_b_8265012.html
The gist is that being a weirdo who lives in my imagination a lot is not only the best occupation ever for a writer, it’s what’s kept me alive and happy in a real world where my identity is regularly suppressed, i.e. “to stay sane, I’ve had to find ways to push back against the consensus reality that the mainstream tries to saddle me with.”
I write: “When I write, all my characters are bisexual until proven otherwise. My invisible friends earn their keep, not only by being part of how I make my living in fiction writing, but by keeping me sane, by giving me an outlet for all my urges and desires.” Erotic writing isn’t always all about the object of the desire. It’s also “about who I want to BE.”
In my fiction I can be Jorin, or Kyle, or Karina, or Wren. Or, as James is fond of saying in Slow Surrender, “Forget or–embrace and.” I can be all of them and more.
If you’d like to read more on the topic of wearing my Bi Pride T-shirt to Disney World 20 years ago, ruminations on why so many of the love interests in my books edge toward the genderqueer, and more, the essay is here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cecilia-tan/invisible-friends_b_8265012.html


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