Chat live with Daron (and Cecilia Tan) on November 10th

dgc_ebook_8_cover_200Spread the word: this time next week I’ll be prepping for two live chats to celebrate the release of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles: Book Eight.
From 8-9pm eastern on Tuesday November 10, Daron & I will chat with fans in the chat room on the DGC website itself: and then from 9-10pm I’ll be doing a video livestream from here in my office (Direct Youtube Link: where I’ll take questions, read an excerpt, and share a cool thing I did that I hope will be squee-worthy, that kind of thing.
Please submit questions! Leave them in comments on the Facebook RSVP page: or drop by the chat and ping me with them live in the Youtube chat window!
If you’d like to make sure you get your ebook that day, pre-order it now from all the usual ebook-selling places and you’ll get it for half price! $2.99 now through Nov 10th and then it goes up to $5.99 regular price!
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