DGC: Money for Nothing

Mirrored from the latest entry in Daron’s Guitar Chronicles.

In the morning I woke up to find him asleep in the other bed in his room. I guess I’d conked out in the wet spot. The connecting doors were still open and I wandered back into my room to get my toothbrush and such from my bag. Here were two unmade beds. I went through the same charade I’d done that one morning in Matthew’s room, tousling the sheets to make the bed look slept in.

I took a shower, tried to shave a day earlier than usual and cut my face up a bit, put on clean clothes, and wondered where I’d lost the hair tie Tread gave me yesterday. I found it in the breast pocket of my denim jacket and combed my hair back into a wet tail. Ziggy was still asleep. I closed the connecting door most of the way, took out my guitar, and started to play. Something Tread and I had been playing the day before had firmed up during the night into a song. Something about it didn’t sound quite right with only one guitar, though. If I did it in the studio, I’d have to overdub another part. And live, I’d have to hire someone else… nothing was ever simple anymore.

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