Fans of Magic University: Want the bonus novella "Christmas Magic?"

magic u bundle cover revised 300As previously announced, later this week (December 16th) a limited-time digital box set that includes all the Magic University books plus a special bonus Christmas novella “Christmas Magic” will be going live for $9.99 and will only be available until February 1st.
The set can be purchased from the usual suspects (Amazon | Smashwords |B&N | Kobo and other favorite retailers) but I know a lot of fans already HAVE the whole set except for the bonus novella!

So here’s how to get just the bonus novella.
It won’t be sold separately, but I will send it to you as a thank you gift for doing ANY of the following:
1. Review any of the Magic University books on Amazon
2. Review any of the Magic University books on Goodreads
3. Link to the announcement ( from Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
4. Make a donation to The Network/La Red, a domestic violence advocacy group who support trans, bi, and kinky individuals
5. Make a donation to the Bisexual Resource Center
6. Make a donation to any other bisexual or trans advocacy, support, or activism group of your choice.
7. Send me some Kyle or Frost fanart. 🙂 (of your own creation — no snarfing other people’s art plz)
Trade me a screen cap of proof you did any of the above (or a link to the proof) by emailing me at ctan.writer @ with “Magic U bonus” in the subject line and I’ll email you back the novella as an ePub or mobi/Kindle file! Sound good?
It’s Christmas at Gladius House but Frost isn’t feeling very festive. Kyle will do anything he can, though, to set Frost’s world alight. The novella runs 15,000 words and contains erotic scenes.

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