Arisia schedule for Cecilia Tan: 1 erotica reading, 2 parties, 4 panels!

The Arisia science fiction convention is next week in Boston, at the Westin Waterfront, with guest of honor John Scalzi. My panel & appearance schedule has finally settled down and shaped up to the following four panels, two parties, and one erotica reading! Details:
Friday, Jan 15th, 8:30 pm
PANEL: Playing in Other People’s Sandboxes
This discussion will explore the pleasure for both writers and readers in augmenting pre-existing characters and universes. This discussion is to include for-love and as well as for-profit fanfic works. Panelists: Cecilia Tan, Walter H. Hunt, Elizabeth McCoy, William Frank, Akiko Meigetsu.
Friday, Jan 15th, 11:30 pm
I’ll be hosting my traditional Friday night erotica reading. This year to keep things fresh and interesting I might have a few special guests as “opening acts” and then I’ll read several selections of erotic science fiction and geekporn of my devising. Being the longstanding maven of erotic sf/f as I am, my goal is to send everyone back to their rooms horny as fuck. I usually succeed.
Saturday, Jan 16th, 10am
PANEL: Constructing Languages
Many SF/F worlds have their own languages, Elvish and Klingon being two of the best known. How do you create languages that make sense? From etymology to grammar to culture, there are many aspects to consider. How does a language reflect the identities of its speakers? How do we make our languages and vocabularies believable? With panelists Cecilia Tan, Lawrence M. Schoen, Anne Nydam, John Chu.
Saturday, Jan 16th, 11:30am
PANEL: Nonstandard Paths to Magic
It’s not all solemn formal ritual. In Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s _Signal to Noise_, it’s music that’s magic; in Ned Beauman’s _Glow_, it’s drugs. If we set aside the assumption that magic can only be accessed in one specific way, what else can become a pathway to magic? If magic is everywhere, how do characters choose to manifest and use it in ways that flow organically? What about sufficiently advanced technology? With panelists: Cecilia Tan, Mark W. Richards, Sarah Smith, Bob Kuhn, Kiini Ibura Salaam.
Saturday, Jan 16th, 3-5pm in Suite 407
Come meet Circlet Press authors Lauren P. Burka, Vinnie Tesla, Catt Kingsgrave, Cameron Quintain, and the editors of the erotica anthology LIKE A CIRCLET EDITOR Bethany Zaiatz and D. Mark Alderton who will all be there to greet readers, autograph books, and of course we’ll have tea. And maybe even scones.
Saturday, Jan 16th, 8pm to 1am in Room 461
A Harry Potter themed party for adults. Costumes encouraged, wands required! RSVP on Facebook:
Sunday, Jan 17th, 10pm (yes that’s 10 at night)
PANEL: Who’s on First (Contact): SF/F and Baseball
Since its creation baseball has enchanted fans and casual acquaintances alike both of science fiction and fantasy and of baseball itself. From Mike Resnick to Ray Bradbury, dozens of fantastic stories and novels have been written about this sport, and baseball remains a favorite source of inspiration for authors and creators of speculative fiction. Come with Arisia and celebrate the Great American Pastime and its connection with science fiction and fantasy past, present and future. With panelists: Cecilia Tan, Ken Gale, and Daniel Miller.
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