Sink yr teeth into this…

It’s Live! The third of my three erotic vampire anthologies from Ravenous Romance just went live on their site. Boys of the Bite is the gay male companion volume to Women of the Bite (lesbian) and Bites of Passion (het).
I have a sneaking suspicion this one may end up the best selling of all three…

The book includes:
Wanting Needing Having by R. R. Angell
To Be Beloved by Pepper Espinoza
Lost in Translation by TammyJo Eckhart
The Love of a Faithful Servant by Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Sin Eater’s Prince by Keta Diablo
The Last Brother by Ken Panadero
The Devil’s Half Acre by Ryan Field
VAMMP: Conquering Dissension by Bryl R. Tyne
I hope you enjoy it!
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