Writing update

I’m always juggling a lot of projects. That’s the life of a freelancer. Right now though I am actually late turning in book two of the Magic University series, which is not my normal way of operating. But in this case the publisher has actually rejiggered their production schedule some since the contract was signed, and with various other things going on, it made sense to take a little longer to finish the book.
The problem is that the longer one project takes, the more it cuts into other things. I’ve just started making assignments in the 2010 Yankees Annual, but have only filled about half the slots. So I need to get cracking on that.
The Prince’s Boy, my male/male erotic high fantasy serial is finally picking up steam (no pun intended!) over at circlet.com. I have plans for it to run for two years, and writing in the serial form is turning out to be a lot of fun.
I’m writing the Baseball Early Bird every week still, always the Wednesday issue, though we’ll see what the postseason schedule comes out like.
But this will be a short week, because the Fetish Fair Fleamarket Carolinas is this weekend so I’ll be heading down there to run the show. Unlikely I’ll get much if any writing done while there, and add to that my RSI is acting up like a mofo right now. After several months of it being just fine, I aggravated it somehow recently and it’s been getting worse instead of better. My shoulder goes out of position and then the whole rest of the arm, including the injured elbow and my write, get very sore, which makes it hard to type.
Looking back over old journals, it looks to me like it always gets bad at the end of September and in January. Maybe the change in the weather has something to do with it? Ugh.

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