Cover design for Magic U #3: The Incubus and the Angel!

Squee! They got me a white tower, the Moon, and a hunk with black wings. *airpunch*
Wee version:

Bigger one under the cut.

I wanted The Moon to play a significant part in the design, since every cover so far as evoked a tarot card that is thematically important in the book. Book one was the Ace of Swords, Book two was The Tower, and here we have The Moon, which stands for primordial, unconscious/subconscious desires.

I just turned the copyedited manuscript back in, so I believe the book will be going live within a few weeks! Ravenous Romance is usually quick to get things up once the copyedit goes back!


  1. Wow, that is GORGEOUS.
    And I am going to go sit over here and quietly (mostly) wait for the next few weeks to pass so the book will be out. 🙂

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