New review of MIND GAMES!

So I got a Google alert today that Roxane Rhoads reviewed my first romance novel, Mind Games, at Associated Content:
Some choice quotes the review:
“First of all I found Mind Games to be a gripping read. I sat down to read it…and didn’t get up until I was done.”
“The whole situation is so weird yet utterly compelling I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen until I knew what was going on. Mind Games is such a hot and steamy read I kept wanting more.”
“Tan has written a truly engrossing and all out hot story that twists the norm into something totally unexpected with seers and psychics and heart shaped birthmarks and a whole world of people that feed off sex… It’s great. You’ll be riveted to your seat until you finish the story.”
MIND GAMES was my very first romance, released in December 2008, and it’s a paranormal suspense story with situations of sexual jeopardy and some dubious consent. (And one or two in-jokes for my Harry Potter fandom friends…) It’s available in ebook form from Ravenous Romance, but it’s also coming out in paperback from Red Wheel Weiser, in their Red Silk imprint!
Buy the ebook right here right now or pre-order the trade paperback from Amazon here or direct from Red Silk: here. It says it will ship starting August 1st!

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