Readercon Schedule!

I have my Readercon schedule in hand now, and would like to propose Friday 5:30 – 7pm in the hotel bar be Circlet Press happy hour. I was trying to come up with a time when we could all go out to dinner together, but the number of people who have panels overlapping the dinner hours (including me) precludes that.
So I’ll be in the bar Friday from 5:30-7. If you’re a Circlet Press author or supporter, or anyone I’ve told I owe a drink to, come hang out and collect. 🙂
Here’s how my weekend shapes up:
Friday 5:30 – 7pm Circlet Happy Hour in the bar.
Friday 7pm – 8pm my ‘solo talk’/roundtable discussion on “How Electrons Have Changed Reading and Writing.” I’ll present some data first on ebook readership and other digital media, and then we’ll talk about ebooks, crowdfunded serials, blog tours for writers, how the social media has changed the way we consume and find new fiction to enjoy, and other related topics. Please also bring your e-reading devices so all can ooh and aah over them.
Saturday 12 noon Panel: “Fanfic As Criticism (Only More Fun)” — Fanfiction is being produced online at a rate of millions of words per month. In what ways can fanfiction be a valuable part of the criticism of a text? Can it appeal as criticism to readers outside the fanfiction community? If so, how can they find the most interesting works?
Saturday 3pm: Rhysling Poetry reading – I plan to read some of the poetry that my protagonist, Kyle Wadsworth, writes in the magic university books. They’re very short.
Saturday 6pm: Panel: “The Closet Door Dilated” — There’s a wealth of speculative fiction being published which prominently features LGBT characters, but nearly all of it comes from small presses. Why [is mainstream sf] no longer imagining new sexual identities, practices, and characteristics?
I won’t be there on Sunday because I will be flying off to the Launch Pad Workshop in Wyoming! Zooooom!

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