It’s live. It’s out. Third book in the series. Um, yeah!!
Download it from Ravenous Romance today for only $4.99 : here.
It’s also on the partner sites like All Romance eBooks and the Amazon Kindle Store.
Here’s links in case you need them:
Read the prologue of book 3: here.
Download book 2 from Ravenous: here
Download book 1 from Ravenous: here
And if you’re wondering what’s coming next…. well, there are TWO more books to come. Next will be an anthology of short erotic stories set in the Magic U universe, exploring some of the characters and pairings we don’t get to see in the books. I’m inviting other authors into this, so you’ll see what happens when writers like Lauren P. Burka, Jennifer Williams, GatewayGirl, Cluegirl, and others play in my sandbox. (If you want to play, too, drop me a note–there are a few slots open still.) And then, when that’s out… Book Four will come to end the entire story.

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