Magic U Contest: win the ebook of your choice

The “magic university” series is my erotic romance/urban fantasy series, set in the magical college hidden inside Harvard. The ebooks from Ravenous are available now, and the printed editions are being released this fall, beginning with book one (The Siren & The Sword) in October from Red Silk Editions.

What are the books about? In short, it’s what if the “Harry Potter” books were set at a university where sex magic was one of the courses of study. (Read a sample.)
To celebrate the release of book three (The Incubus & The Angel) in ebook form, I’m giving away an ebook to one lucky winner! (Your choice which book.)
Entering the contest is easy.
1) Either follow me on Twitter (@ceciliatan) or “like” my Facebook fanpage
2) Retweet the contest notice or mention the Magic University series in your Facebook.
3) Comment to this post below (either on Livejournal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth, or my own blog since I’m mirroring the post everywhere…) with either your Twitter or Facebook handle so I can verify your entry, and that’s it! I’ll ping you back to let you know if you won! (Oh, and let me know which volume of the series you want!)
ADDED: The ebooks are in PDF format, but I may be able to get them in other forms if you want something else or have a specific e-reading device. I’ll let the winner know.
Contest ends 12 noon Eastern on Friday, July 2nd!
We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who entered my contest to win a PDF of your choice from the Magic University series. The winner is:

Tinuvial follows me on Livejournal and has chosen book one for a prize.
I collected all entrants in roughly chronological order, numbered the entries, and then used the random number generator to pick an integer within that range. (FYI, the winning number was 9.)
I’ll do this again when the printed edition of The Siren & The Sword comes out!


  1. Oh, sounds fun! Will there also be University t-shirts and sweatshirts made? 😉
    I’m pleased to see there will be a print edition in addition to the e-books. I do see the convenience of e-books, and I read those too (and would be thrilled to win one), but… I luv hard copies.
    ~ Shar (Facebook name Sharazade1001) (just in case!)

    1. I know what you mean! I wish when I bought a hardcopy these days, though, that an ebook would automatically beam itself to my phone, too… so I could read the book when I’m at home and the e-version when I’m elsewhere…! Maybe someday.

  2. I’m @absurdumest on twitter and would love to win a hardcopy of book 1 since I find hard copies much more enjoyable and have heard rve reviews about the series.

    1. This contest is just for the ebook editions since there won’t be hardcopy of book one until October (and I’ll do another contest then) — but I’ll enter you into *that* contest? (I have a long memory.)

  3. Congrats!
    There seems an obvious Skull and Bones joke here somewhere, but that is Yale, so alas, doesn’t work.
    Facebook: randyhenderson
    Twitter: @quantumage
    Book 1 in hardback would be my preference.

    1. Hi Randy! I don’t believe a hardback will exist, ever. A *paperback* edition will be coming in October from Red Silk, but this contest is just for the ebook editions. I’m planning to run another contest like this in October for a paperback, though — would you like me to enter you into that one?

  4. Another contest for really cool stuff? YES! 🙂
    I finally got the .pdf thingie to work on my phone – I can now read this on the go. How I love technology…
    Twitter: poetryweb

    1. Cool! I love reading on my phone. It means I’m never without a book anymore, no matter where I am. (Unless my battery dies, but I’m pretty good about keeping it charged up!)

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