Cover Reveal: *Flesh Fiction* (delicious flash fiction!)

And here it is! The cover reveal for the new project I’m part of, put together by Mara White and Suanne Laqueur, FLESH FICTION.

If you’ve read my stories in books like The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories and Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, then you’re already familiar with the “quickie” format of erotic flash fiction, where the idea is to leave the reader sopping and breathless in a story that is only a few pages long.

This one brings together some of the hottest names in spicy romance, including LaQuette, Satin Russell, JR Gray, Kat Savage, and also a bunch of writers I haven’t had the pleasure to read before… but I will now!

Here’s a teaser sentence from my story, which is entitled “Art in Oils”:

Oil paints are so much better than watercolors for showing a sheen of sweat, for capturing that gravid droplet of arousal fattening at the engorged slit. My own thirsty tongue searches my lip.

FLESH FICTION is available for pre-order now on the following sites. It releases October 5!



B & N / Nook:






Bloggers who are interested in signing up for the blog tour, sign up here:

And here’s a bigger look at the cover!

You might be wondering why the cover image doesn’t look as “naughty” as the words inside, and there’s an easy answer to that. Amazon suppresses the sales of any book that has a cover image that is too steamy. This comes as news to a lot of folks, for whom Amazon is their number one source for erotica! But it’s true, certain types of images — even ones that don’t show the “naughty bits” — as well as certain words in the description can doom a book from being found. Amazon doesn’t call it censorship or even a “ban,” since technically they still sell the book, but they make it impossible to find unless you know the direct URL to the page.

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