Magic U icon slideshow

The fabulous and talented Tryslora (on IJ, LJ, Twitter, etc…) has made a whole slew (40 so far) of icons featuring quotes from the Magic University series, which can be found here, but after staring at them muchly and being unable to decide which one I liked best… I glommed them together into one big animated gif:


  • Eat First, Drama Later
  • Isn’t destiny mostly hindsight?
  • You’re more high strung than a trapeze artist.
  • You are so deep in denial even crocodiles can’t get you.
  • If you’re Seeing things, you ought to go have your Visions checked.
  • Put your eyes back in your head. If they fall on the floor they’ll get dusty.
  • I don’t feel like killing you all the time. Just most of the time.
  • Let’s just say we don’t need a borderline psychotic who can call down lightning wandering around campus.

and many others!

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