Support BENT for LEATHER, Cecilia Tan’s short story collection

Banner image from the Kickstarter for Bent for Leather showing a pair of polished boots
Guess what I did? I launched a Kickstarter in the wee hours, hoping to be able to publish a collection of my queerest, kinkiest short stories in time for International Ms. Leather and Bootblack in April.

My previous short story collections have jumbled my kinky and vanilla erotica together, and have also mixed my heterosexual stories with my queer ones. BENT FOR LEATHER, the title I’ve chosen for this one, is specifically the stories that inhabit the particular queer corner of the leather bar in my soul where my lesbian, butch, and transmasculine characters hang out.

Over on the Kickstarter campaign page I’ve listed the table of contents, and I’ve described a bit more about my aspirations for this book… as well as why it took until I put this table of contents together to realize that my own relationship to my gender has always been one of my central themes. I feel like it’s only in the past 5-6 years that I really have been dealing with my “gender stuff,” but obviously, it’s been there all along.

The main thing I’d like to spend the Kickstarter money on is professional proofreading, design, and layout. If we exceed the initial goal, the stretch goal I’d really like to hit is the one that makes me write an all new story to add to the book. That would of course be the most fun of all!

Please help me spread the word if you are able to.

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