A Magic U review!

Oh my. Sara Winters, an erotica & erotic romance writer, reviewed Magic U at her blog. And loved it! That high pitched sound you hear is the squee of OMGthereviewergetsit!
Excerpt: “What I find most refreshing about this book and its characters is that we as readers are immediately aware of a correlation between a popular series of children’s books, but it never feels as if this is merely an adult Harry Potter with sex. The story is told in a way I felt was unique – and, frankly, hard to part from when doing little necessary things like going to work and sleep – there are fantastic moments of humor, romance and drama and most of all, the main character is easily relatable. Another great comparison to the Harry Potter series: upon rereading, I find little details that make the story that much richer, things I may have glossed over as less than important during the first read. In other words, a book that only gets better with repeat reads.”
Another: “I hope anyone who enjoys a great ongoing mystery imbued with fantasy, erotica, love and drama opts to read this and the rest of the books in the Magic University series.”
Read the whole review here: https://sarawinters.blogspot.com/2010/08/review-magic-university-book-one-siren.html
The ebooks of books one, two, and three in the series are on sale from all your favorite ebook places and at RavenousRomance.com.
The trade paperback edition of book one is coming out on October 1st from Red Silk Editions and will be in bookstores everywhere (I hope)!
(Magic U icon slideshow at the top of the post by Tryslora, available here.)


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