Testing the new Kindle embedding…(read opening chapters of magic u books 1 & 2!)

So here it is! Amazon’s snazzy new embedding of sample chapters. This is the entire prologue and chapter one of THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, book one of the Magic University series, which is available for Kindle right now, and the print edition will be out on October 1st!

Does it work for me to put chapter one of BOOK TWO, THE TOWER AND THE TEARS on the same page? Let’s try it…

So it would appear that it works.
You can embed these same chapters on your own website or blog by grabbing the code from the “Embed” button on the Kindle reader above!
And if you want to embed some other book, go to its Amazon page and look for the green badge on the right side that says “Read first chapter FREE” and click the button, then choose embed. Counter-intuitively, this button does NOT come up if you look at the book in the Kindle Store, only in Amazon.com general. Weird, I know.
Details and what to look for here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/?docId=1000579091


  1. I think something’s haywire. The embeds are too wide for the text area, and they appear to be “under” the right-hand column. When I tried to use the page turn buttons, it created a new tab instead. I could read it in the new tab, though.
    I’m using the latest Firefox on Windows XP.

    1. Hm, on mine the chapter embed is just slightly wider than the column — it’s set at 600 pixels while my actual column width is 560 pixels, yet when I tried to make the embedded chapter smaller than 600, it ends up at 600 again magically. Don’t know why. But the 40 pixel overlap shouldn’t be enough to obscure the controls, if your browser window is set wide enough. (It doesn’t have to be full width of the screen.) They say the embed widget can be made as slim as 325 pixels wide, but I can’t seem to get mine to change now that I set them.

  2. Also, I can’t find any of those green “Read first chapter free” buttons in Amazon.com, even on the pages for the most popular Kindle books. Is this not available in Canada for some reason?

    1. I could not find any of those buttons when I searched at first, but the mistake I was making was that I was looking in the Kindle Store and not amazon at large. When I just looked at a general book page (which also shows the Kindle edition) the button showed up, but not if I searched for the same exact book within the Kindle store.

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