Books, books, books… on actual paper!

Guess what came in the mail? The copies I ordered from of my own latest book THE SIREN AND THE SWORD! Yes, Magic U book one is on bookstore shelves “in the wild.”
If anyone out there happens to find it in a local store, please send me a photo of it on the shelf? I’ll thank you with a sneak preview of an exclusive Magic U erotic short story! Email photos to ctan.writer AT gmail DOT com.
Two other books I have in the Red Silk paranormal erotic romance line are out now, too, MIND GAMES, my erotic thriller romance, and BITES OF PASSION, an anthology of erotic vampire stories including Eric Del Carlo, Jessi Holhart, A.M. Hartnett, Rakelle Valencia, Ed Fuqua, and others.
So… everyone who told me “I won’t read ebooks, but I’ll get it when the ‘real’ book comes out”? Have at!

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