The Prince's Boy art, 1

Time to start posting the art I’ve collected for The Prince’s Boy! It’s all wonderfully gorgeous. Today I’m going to start, though, with a piece that I actually commissioned from a friend I met through Harry Potter fandom. I had originally commissioned a piece of art with Snape and Draco in it, I think, but at some point I realized I was going to be making TPB into an ebook, and I would need cover art for that.
Thumbnails first, and then the complete art under the cut!

Art by Scarlet B! I absolutely love the way she played with darkness and light. There are shadows, and then there are areas that seem to glow. I’m so pleased with this piece. Look, the Night Riders are off in the upper right corner!
Most of the pieces are of Jorin and Kenet, but given how Jorin is doing in the popularity poll on I shouldn’t be surprised that the two solo portraits I received are of him. I’ll post those tomorrow.

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