The Prince's Boy art, post 2

Here is some more of the wonderful fan art I’ve received for The Prince’s Boy art contest. I’m posting these two together as they are both solo pieces of Jorin… or almost solo, as you will see…

This first one comes from a fan who wanted to remain anonymous, but who wrote “Thank you for the opportunity to live in your fabulous erotic fantasy world. I would write fanfic but I’m not much of a writer, so thanks for letting me make you some art instead. Jorin as a slave just touched my heart.”
You are so welcome. This is really neat! I didn’t expect to get anything like this.

The second one come from an art student named Caroline O’Grady. She writes; “Heyo! A timid fan emerges with some fan art! I have been drooling over your superb story The Prince’s Boy for awhile now, and (as a student currently in art school) was delighted to find that I could finally contribute a bit of fangirly appreciation for the story through the fan art contest!”
You can find more of Caroline’s fabulous art at her sketch blog and her deviantArt account.
I love the expression on his face, and, as you can guess from the teaser, I love the hands. I’m reminded of Michelangelo on Jorin’s hand, seriously. Don’t you think?

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