The Prince's Boy Art, post 4

Last but certainly not least, we have this gorgeous fantasia of Jorin and Kenet comes to us from an artist who goes by the handle Romanticfae, and this art certainly fits that name.
She was not the first artist to point out to me that I never actually say in the text what color Kenet’s eyes are. She and some others went with blue, so… they are blue. 🙂 I’ll have to work that into a chapter soon!
Oh I want to print all of these out and plaster them all over my office! (I lack a color printer, though. Alas.)
By the way, any artists out there who missed participating in the contest but who still are interested in playing with the boys, the contest is over (I decided to just give printed book prizes to everyone who entered, by the way… they were all so wonderful!). But I will still happily trade an ebook for fanart in the future. 🙂

Art by Andrea R aka Romanticfae on deviantArt.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I’m really blown away.

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