Arisia Guest Breakfast! (plus party, reading, etc)

I’ve been meaning to blog about this but I’ve been running around so much I didn’t have a chance until now!
I’m going to be one of the special guests participating in a special Breakfast with the Guests event at the Arisia science fiction convention. The shin dig is Sunday morning of the con (Jan 16th) at 11am, and there is ticket info here:
Yes, this means I’ll have to be awake at at con before the crack of noon, but at least it’s not the night right after the Circlet Press party and my annual erotica reading… which will be on Friday. Current plan is for the party to be in a party room from 7ish until the reading, which I think will be 11ish.
I’ve written a lot of very hot stuff this year so will pick and choose carefully some of the hottest bits to share with everyone. 🙂
We will give away a free ebook at the Circlet Press party to the first 50 guests who bring a jump drive or other blank media our computers can read!

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