Winter blah, update

I’m still fighting with Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s a pain to say the least. It’s hard to say where feeling crappy mentally leaves off and feeling crappy physically takes over. It’s like I’ve never gotten over the cold I got at the end of October. This week it’s a cough and congestion. Bleah.
I’m off to Atlanta next week to run the Fetish Fair Fleamarket there. I need help! If you’re in the area, I could use volunteers helping out, and I could use help spreading the word about the event. The thing we need most is ticket sales! Details:
Meanwhile, I got a notice from British Airways they are having a VERY VERY BIG SALE. I go to their website to see about buying tickets for my trip to the UK in July for Dia-Con Alley. They’ve got Boston – London flights on sale around ~$300 each way for every month EXCEPT July. Even flying back August 1st, it quotes me a price of more than $500 each way, plus $197 in taxes and fees. Jeez. That’ll be ~$1200. Some sale?? Ugh.
Everything in life will be better once I get through Atlanta and get back to writing books. Speaking of which, looks like I’ll be in NYC on February 4th to do a reading at the Happy Endings Lounge! That’s the night club where the In the Flesh reading series was hosted by Rachel Kramer Bussell for so many years. I’m waiting to hear full details.
We did have a major breakthrough with two of the three kittens two nights ago. Oolong has been very outgoing all along, and finally decided he actually enjoys being petted, and now often wants to chew a string, attack my slipper, and eat a paper ball all at the same time while being petted with BOTH HANDS. He’s the one who always purred a lot. Wednesday night, though Pu-ehr purred for the first time! Kate was giving him chicken and I petted his back and he started to purr. Last night he let me scritch his neck and back and purred just from that without needing any bribe. He’s still skittish at first but then he warms up.
Which leaves poor little Earl Grey. He’s still so afraid. But you can see he’s bored and jealous when his brothers are getting all the attention and treats. Sometimes that just winds him up more because he feels left out, and then he gets more upset and freaks, hisses, and hides. Hopefully he’ll come around soon, though.

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