I'm organizing readings at Ascendio!

Just thought I’d share this news!
So, I went to a party on Saturday night that happened to be populated by most of the board of directors of HPEF, the folks who have been bringing you fabulous Harry Potter conventions for many years now, a-a-a-a-a-a-nd..
I got roped into being in charge of organizing fanfic readings at Ascendio.
Ascendio will be July 12-15, 2012 (that’s NEXT summer, not this coming one…) and registration isn’t even open yet. But you can get on an email newsletter list here: https://www.hp2012.org/
We’ll be welcoming fic readings in all genres, ratings, and pairings. (Underage wizards will not be allowed to attend program items rated above their age.)
More details when we get closer to the time. I anticipate we might have more readers hoping for slots than we have slots, but we shall cross that Quidditch pitch when we come to it!

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