The Prince's Boy: do you want a sequel?

So, now that The Prince’s Boy is really and truly done with, all chapters and the epilogue are posted… of course I’m starting to think about a sequel.
I have bunches of ideas that have been nipping at my heels…
In the epilogue of course I set up one direction the sequel could go, with Kenet and Jorin (and who knows who else…) making the trip to Pellon to meet the Frangi delegation. I would love to set some chapters in Frangit itself, too, the land of mystery.
But tell me, dear readers, what would you love to see? What questions did I raise in TPB that you want answered? Who do you want to see more of? What stones did I leave unturned?
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  1. sequel: good news! — to jump to the nitty gritty: my favorite sex scenes are those in which kenet or jorin must sacrifice themselves sexually in the name of love or heroism – spreading and or impaling themselves in semi- or totally public displays of delicious lewdness. i could imagine more performance art from them when they’re either held captive by lustful tormentors or when they need to rise to new levels of magical depravity for the sake of saving the day. The Frangi delegation in Pellon is a great idea. Who knows what might become of our boys there? Maybe they’ll meet a third innocent young man…
    I’m interested in your decision to be sparing in the visual description of the sex scenes in both Prince’s Boy and Magic U. A deliberate choice to allow the reader to paint her/his own mental pictures? Or are you not particularly interested in throwing in a sentence or two here and there about the way these boys and their bodies look when on hands and knees or with legs in the air, etc? — No criticism, just curiosity. Female desire, they say, is less pictorial than male, yet in your fiction you straddle (you should pardon the verb) the worlds of female and male desire so tantalizingly. Thanks for Prince’s Boy and Magic U. (Frost and Kyle could be magically transported to meet Kenet and Jorin, and the four of them could be put through paces similar to the ones the latter two went through in the climax of Prince’s Boy 2! — okay, i know, maybe that’s fanfic… or not?). Keep on writing, I’ll keep on buying!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your long and thoughtful comment! I’m definitely thinking a trip to Frangit would up the stakes considerably… and I definitely want to introduce a new character, possibly a pair. Still figuring it out. 🙂
      Some of my avoidance of too much physical description is that I don’t want to slow down the pace of a sex scene, and if I have a choice to describe the way something feels (physically or emotionally) to a character I’m usually going to opt for that over a visual description. Most of the visuals are when seeing something creates a reaction inside the one doing the looking, like when Kyle is trying so hard to figure out what Frost is feeling.
      And part of it is to allow the reader to paint a picture. I give a bit of a physical sketch for each character, but try to leave enough room for people to “cast the movie” with their own favorites.
      As for Kyle, Frost, Kenet, and Jorin all meeting in one world or the other… well, Kyle and Kenet are both avatars of lightning magic! Hmmm. That is some fanfic I would read in a flat second if someone wrote it!

  2. I read TPB for the emotion and the intensity of their love. Yes, the sex is hot and wonderful, but for me the best of it is seeing them love each other. I was recently told by another author that after a novel about two people who wanted to be together finally getting there, the readers deserved the reward of seeing them together in whatever struggle comes next.
    That’s what I always came to TPB for, desperate for J&K to be together, or to be reunited, or to be reconciled, or at last to see them reaping the rewards of their struggles.
    I won’t deny that hearing K call J “My Lord” is a thrill. So I suppose I do want to see the submission angle as much as possible. 😉

    1. “the readers deserved the reward of seeing them together in whatever struggle comes next.”
      Oh, I’m so glad you said that. I’m still percolating ideas for the next book, but most of my ideas do center around something like this. Kenet and Jorin’s strong partnership will be key to overcoming adversity in the next step, as they face the prospect of repairing relations with their neighboring countries. However, I’m thinking of introducing a new pair who will need mentoring, too. 🙂

    1. I would still very much like to write the sequel: the main holdup has been time. I’ve been under contract to some very big publishers who have lately been paying me quite well to write kinky heterosexual books (because of the success of 50 Shades of Grey) so I haven’t had a chance to pause to breathe for the past three years, pretty much! But I am still making notes and percolating ideas, so I would say there’s a decent chance I may start it as a serial in mid-2016? (When I finish this next trilogy of BDSM romance books for Hachette.)
      At the moment the original posts are offline, too, since had a bad crash that wiped out all the old data. Ugh. So I would like to re-post everything at some point, too!

  3. ok real talk: the prince’s boy was a huge inspiration for me in showing me that I could write the sort of things I wanted to write, that erotica didn’t have to 100% match up with how kinky sex works in reality, or even with what someone would be actually down with doing in real life. as a result, i started writing my own porn.
    also, and this is going to sound crazy, but tbh the prince’s boy helped me realize that i was nonbinary?
    i really hope there’s more in this universe at some point. thank you for being awesome af.

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