Update on the Magic U anthology, which will be out soon!

I have received some absolutely fabulous stories! Love love love. Even some femslash, some more OCs, and even a Kyle/Alex! (Yet still no Bell/Kyle. Ah well.)
Here is the current table of contents, split into which books one should have read before reading the story of:
After book one:
Ignorance is Bliss by Cecilia Tan (Frost/Michael) — the story of how Frost and Candlin fell in love in the first place.
Summer Vacation by Frances Selkirk (Kyle/OC, Alex/OC) — Kyle and Alex spend the summer as beach bums.
The Taste of Cloves by D.K. Jernigan (OC/OC) — the clove orange at the Scipionis House New Year’s party sparks an interesting night.
Chimera by Rian Darcy (Frost/Bell) — “Does that kid have eat me tattooed on his forehead or what?”
Diary of a Lost Scholar by Frances Selkirk (OC/OC) — Solving a mystery through magical library science and sex magic.
After book two:
Home for the Summer by Deborah Atwood (Ash/OC) — Ash goes back to Maine after his first year at Veritas, but his home town doesn’t feel like home any longer.
Aunt Wendy’s Ring by Lauren P. Burka (Glendon/OC) — Kyle’s roommate makes a surprising connection with a Scip.
Iphis’s Price by Elizabeth Hurst (Bell/Brandish) — The story of Frost’s rescue from abusive circumstances and the sacrifices of Quilian Bell and Callendra Brandish.
Lakeside Encounter by Cecilia Tan (Kyle/OC) — Kyle’s second summer away from Veritas, he learns just how few and far between magical folk are. And when they meet, sparks can fly.
The Stain of Memory by Cecilia Tan (Bell/Brandish) — What happened between Bell and Brandish immediately after everything went wrong in book two.
After book three:
Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves by Sarah Ellis (Lindy/OC) — While Lindy is losing her power, she travels to Collegium Sophia, the enclave of magical women at Smith College, to research her condition.
Empathy by Julie Cox (Kyle/Alex/OC) — The zombie apocalypse (and a threesome) come to Veritas!
Heaven Can Wait by BriAnne Searles (Ash/OC) — Ash has a not-so-secret admirer living in Camella 3 West.
What I’d Do for a Friend by Carline Ball (Alex/Kyle) — Alex is an enchanter, Kyle is a lightning rod. What happens when Alex can’t finish a spell without Kyle’s help?
I think that’s all of them… I’m checking now that I haven’t missed anyone!


  1. Deb’s story is misplaced in the timeline – Ash doesn’t show up ’til book 3, so it would have to be after that. 🙂

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