Bishonen MP3

If you are not familiar with Momus, you might want to be. Momus was Jarvis Cocker before Jarvis Cocker, basically. He’s recently got fed up with how his old record company (Sony) is just sitting around on the digital rights to his albums from the 1980s, and so he’s released them all himself for free download on Ubu.
Fannish folks and slash-lovers in particular may be interested most in his album Tender Pervert, which has a theme of homosexuality in the public eye. Not exactly a popular topic in the 1980s, which might explain why you’ve never heard of this album, if you haven’t.
Track 5 is entitled Bishonen. He samples the Pet Shop Boys on The Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Part 17-24). Fabulous.
Get all 11 tracks on the album and read descriptions of the tunes here.
Daron might write a liner note about this later. Or he might not. (Thanks to Douglas Wolk for pointing out the link on Twitter.)


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