New fund drive, help crowdfund my fiction.

So I started a crowdfunding drive over at Daron’s Guitar Chronicles a few weeks back, but I’m going to change the focus a bit starting today and make the participation a little more urgent, perhaps?
For every $100 raised before May 7th (this Friday), Daron will come out to someone new. We’re currently only $45 from someone right now! Put in a donation of any amount and you get to vote on who he tells next! Not only that, he’ll do it before May is out.
Previous poll software on the site didn’t work that well, so just put your choice of who in the message section of your donation at Paypal. Possible choices include: Christian, Digger, Martin (Remo’s drummer), Colin (roadie) & housemates, the media, et al. (Long lost family, perhaps?)
Find all the donation options spelled out on the Tip Jar page:
You have until Friday! If you have been meaning to donate to Daron’s Guitar Chronicles recently, now’s the time!

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