Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University! (is here!)

Squeee! It’s here! SPELLBINDING is a collection of erotic short stories all set at Veritas, the hidden magical university inside Harvard. The entire Magic University series grew out of my involvement with Harry Potter fandom and fanfic, so it seemed only natural to me when creating my own world of magic to invite others to come and play in it, too!
So welcome Frances Selkirk, Lauren P. Burka, Julie Cox, Rian Darcy, Deb Atwood, Sarah Ellis, Elisabeth Hurst, BriAnne Searles, and Carline Ball to the university!
SPELLBINDING includes four stories written by me, and eleven stories by other writers having fun! In true fanfic fashion, some of the stories follow the canon, while others explore non-canon pairings (like Kyle/Alex). All are sexy as hell. Most are slash, two are het, and one is femslash. (And one I can’t decide what classification it goes under. You’ll see.)
I also have a number of free copies of the ebook I can share with folks who will promise to review the book on their blogs and post the reviews to Amazon.com or Goodreads before July 1st. If you’re interested, drop me an email at my “writer” address: ctan.writer (@) gmail.com
More details below the cut, including links to where you can get a free sample, or purchase from Amazon’s Kindle store, B&N Nookstore, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, or the Ravenous Romance site itself.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but notice that book one of the series, THE SIREN AND THE SWORD, is on special for just 99 cents at both Amazon and B&N!
So if you’ve been meaning to start on the series, now’s the time! (Book four will be out by August at the latest! The manuscript’s done and with my beta readers now! Trying to get it out before Diacon Alley!)
A bit more about SPELLBINDING. Here’s the table of contents and a brief note about each story. The stories are grouped into sections as to which books in the series they are spoilery for, and where they fit in the timeline:
One: stories to be read after The Siren and the Sword
Ignorance is Bliss by Cecilia Tan —
In which Timothy Frost tells the tale of how he got together with Michael Candlin
Summer Vacation by Frances Selkirk —
How did Kyle and Alex spend the summer after Kyle’s freshman year? As beach bums on the Cape.
The Taste of Cloves by D.K. Jernigan —
Oh, that cloved orange at the Scipionis House New Year’s party. It started more than just conversation.
Two: stories to be read after The Tower and the Tears
Diary of a Lost Scholar by Frances Selkirk —
Tackling the problem of bibliomancy… and sex magic.
Chimera by Rian Darcy —
What happens when Timothy Frost decides what he needs is Dean Bell?
Aunt Wendy’s Ring by Lauren P. Burka —
A story of Kyle’s quiet roommate Glendon finally getting some action.
Iphis’s Price by Elisabeth Hurst —
There’s a long history between Quilian Bell and Callendra Brandish, and rescuing Frost is only one piece of that history.
Lakeside Encounter by Cecilia Tan —
A very different beachside encounter for Kyle, on the shores of Lake Michigan.
The Stain of Memory by Cecilia Tan —
What happened after the lights went out at Sassamon, after Bell’s accusation? What could have happened between Bell and Brandish…
Three: stories to be read after The Incubus and the Angel
Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves by Sarah Ellis —
When Lindy first started having trouble, she sought the help of the women at the Collegium Sophia, the all-women’s magical college at Smith.
Home for the Summer by Deb Atwood —
Ash learns the age-old lesson that you can’t go home again.
Empathy by Julie Cox —
Kyle, Alex, and a fae-struck waif… and the zombie apocalypse.
Heaven Can Wait by BriAnne Searles —
Someone’s got a crush on Alex. Someone’s got a crush on someone who’s got a crush on Alex…
How Frost Got His Name by Cecilia Tan —
A backstory on Frost and how he came to Veritas.
What I’d Do for a Friend by Carline Ball —
Just how far would Alex go for Kyle? All the way?

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