My Readercon schedule

My Readercon Schedule is complete! I can’t make it there Sunday so the main action is Friday/Saturday. I’ve got one juicy panel, and also I’ll be part of the Circlet Press erotic sf/f reading on Saturday night at 8pm! Yes, that puts us opposite the first part of the Kirk Poland, but I assure you, we will make it worth your while. We will have some goodies to give away, and perhaps even cake…!
[Readercon is a sf/f/spec fic literary convention in Burlington, MA, July 14-17.]
(Full schedule under the cut…)
Friday July 15
6:00 PM Vin. Kaffeeklatsch. Sit down and chat with me with a cup of coffee or tea. Bring questions!
8:00 PM G Traditional Categories Are Melting. Leah Bobet, Michael Dirda, Kit Reed, Delia Sherman (leader), Cecilia Tan, Vinnie Tesla. Henry Jenkins has published a book called Convergence Culture, Gary Wolfe’s most recent essay collection is titled Evaporating Genres, and Jim Woodring recently wrote that “we are living in a transitional period where traditional categories are melting, blending together. Boundaries everywhere are being dissolved…. The blurring of the line between the drawn image, the written word, the video and the game is disturbing, but nothing can stop it.” Is the melting of categories a new phenomenon? What are the perils and pleasures of blurred lines? Who is threatened, and who benefits?
Saturday July 16
1:00 PM E Autographs. Cecilia Tan, JoSelle Vanderhooft. — I will bring a few copies of The Prince’s Boy vol 1 and the Magic U books, as the book dealers are unlikely to have bothered to stock them. (No disrespect meant to the book dealers, but that’s been the case for years now. If any book dealer *will* be carrying them–yes, they are available from Ingram–please let me know and I will happily trumpet you as the source and leave my books in the car!)

8:00 PM
NH Circlet Press group reading. Cecilia Tan, Vinnie Tesla, Frances Selkirk, Sacchi Green, and others. Circlet Press authors read (salacious) selections from their work.

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