Arisia Party & Reading Info, plus other readings

The Circlet Press party will run from 8pm-ish to 11pm-ish in a room on the party floor, number to be determined on check in. I’m promising free blinky lights to the first 25 attendees! Why? Um, because blinky lights and erotic books are both really cool? Check the party board for the room #.
Then at 11:30 pm we shall repair to the BU Room where I’ll read some smutty science fiction & fantasy. Right now I’m planning to read from White Flames, maybe a piece of my new erotic paranormal romance ebook, and of course, if you all beg really nicely, a piece of Harry Potter porn.
We’ve also got the following other readings coming up!
Friday, January 23rd, at VERICON (Harvard’s SF Con) at 7:30 pm
Vinnie Tesla and Lauren P. Burka will read with me. They’ve also both worked in the Circlet offices and can share humorous stories of the slush pile.
and Tuesday, February 10th, a pre-valentine’s event at Back Pages Books in Waltham! 7pm.
Vinnie Tesla, Shariann Lewitt, and Lauren P. Burka will be joining me there.

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