Day four of the Magic University "back to school" giveaway week!

The Poet & The Prophecy smallAnd here’s the fourth day of my Magic University “back to school” posts. First of all for today, I just got the completely GORGEOUS cover art from the publisher! Ahhh I can’t believe how fabulous it came out! (Full size below the cut!)
Second, before we get to the free book giveaway… today we have a little Esoteric Arts lesson for you all. “Esoteric Arts” is the academic name for erotic magic or sex magic…
Esoteric Arts
In the world of Magic University, the amount of magical energy one can draw from sex or arousal is quite vast, but not every person is able to tap into esoteric sources.
It remains a subject of great debate as to whether the reason some people can or can’t draw on Esoteric energy is biological or psychological. Many magical folk choose not to pursue esoteric paths because of the stigmas and attitudes attached to sex for magical purposes. Non-practitioners of sex magic may (wrongly) think of Esotericists as incapable of sex for love, and may fear the sexual freedom that Esoteric Arts practitioners exercise. And remember, magical people are just as plagued by jealousy, insecurity, body image issues, and relationship troubles as everyone else. Mixing sex and magic might not be a good idea for everyone in modern society.
Today’s Quiz!
Many techniques in Esoteric Arts are given evocative names. For today’s quiz, can you match the names below with what each technique does? Make your best guess! All entries will be entered into the contest to win your choice of a signed copy of book one or ebooks of books 1-3!
Esoteric Techniques:
A. Tapping the Geyser
B. Lone Oak Exercise
C. Moonlight Rose
D. Briar Rose
E. Osiris’s Gift
What the techniques do: (match them up!)
1. For enlarging the penis
2. Ritual fluid exchange using a drop of blood instead of a drop of semen
3. Healing through reciprocal penetration
4. Drawing energy from the Earth through sustained arousal without orgasm (with eventual release)
5. Plucking a thought from a partner’s mind at the moment of orgasm
Yesterday’s Winner & Answers
Winner of yesterday’s contest: Nuclearpolymer! And I think all the entries received were correct, even! Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz on matching Tarot cards used in the books with their meanings:
A. The Ace of Swords = 4. The hero begins his quest
B. The Moon = 3. Wild, untamed, or animalistic desire
C. Two of Swords = 1. Balancing a Difficult Decision
D. Three of Cups = 5. Party time!
E. Ten of Swords = 2. Betrayed by all
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