Magic U book 4 Excerpt! (Prepublication Teaser)

The Poet & The Prophecy small This is the second “teaser” chapter I’ve posted. The first one, if you missed it, is here:
Here’s another… in which Kyle finds himself standing outside the Boston Eagle, an infamous gay bar in town.
(The book should be going live most places on Thursday or Friday!)

Out on the sidewalk, Kyle could feel a dance beat throbbing through the walls of the building. There was no sign above the door, just a small statue of an eagle. He wanted to take that as a good omen. After all, wasn’t it an eagle on Zeus’s shield? He tried to remember what other symbolism it carried but his mind was awhirl. No one knew he was here tonight.
And probably nothing is going to happen and I’m going to go home disappointed, he thought. Classes were due to start in a week, but he was here to learn something of a different sort. Did he like men, really? Other than Frost? And if so, what did he like?
A man in blue jeans and a black T-shirt, with a neatly trimmed, short beard emerged from the place, bringing a blast of music with him. Kyle stood rooted to the spot while the man gave him a once-over, then walked on down the street.
Kyle was still standing there when another man who looked nearly the same as the first brushed past him to enter the bar. Kyle took a breath. He was here out of desperation, maybe, trying the only thing left he could think of that would—as Alex had put it—get the taste of Frost out of Kyle’s mouth.
He’d thought about going to the big gay dance night on Lansdowne Street, but it hadn’t sounded that exciting. He decided instead on the Eagle, which had a more masculine air than any of the other gay bars or clubs he saw listed in the paper.
“You don’t want to go in there unless you’re looking for trouble,” said a voice from behind him.
He turned to see yet a third man in jeans with a short beard, this one tossing aside a cigarette and stubbing it out with his boot before he came closer. Now in the streetlamp’s light, Kyle could see this one’s hair was a little longer than he’d seen on any of the previous men, dark and just a little wavy.
The man stepped close enough that Kyle caught a whiff of a masculine scent coming from him, musky and earthy at once.
“And if I’m looking for trouble?” Kyle answered.
“Well, maybe trouble found you,” the man replied smoothly, not even smiling at his own joke. He had a hint of a British accent. “You looking for it a little rough? What are you into, bondage? Wrestling?”
Bondage Kyle had an inkling of, but he was startled into asking, “Wrestling?”
“Sure. The winner fucks the loser, and it’s great foreplay,” the guy said with a quirk of his eyebrow, bemused or amused by Kyle.
Kyle found the idea turned him on, even if he wasn’t exactly attracted to this man. Except that he was attracted. Something about the guy’s confidence and strength was alluring, in a dangerous sort of way.
But Kyle remembered his purpose. “I’m, um, I’m more of a top, myself,” he managed to say.
The man laughed. “All the better. Makes it sweeter when you surrender.”
Kyle felt a shiver of lust run down his spine, as he sensed just how keenly this man wanted, at that very moment, to sink his cock into Kyle. It was discomfiting even as it was arousing, making Kyle feel more like prey than, well, loved. Is this how Frost feels when I’m around?
Kyle took a step back, but that only seemed to be an invitation to the guy to step even closer, closing the distance between them. Kyle could feel his body heat and smell the sweetness of his breath. Cinnamon.
“Don’t be scared. I’ll make it good.” He chuckled.
“I… I don’t think….”
“You don’t belong here,” the man said suddenly, dead serious where a moment ago he’d been laughing. He trailed the backs of his fingers along Kyle’s cheek and Kyle felt the energy crackle.
Oh. He didn’t mean Kyle wasn’t gay enough for the place, though maybe that was true. He was magical.
Kyle forced himself to take another step back. “What’s wrong with—”
But the guy was laughing again, this time a rich, full laugh. “Nothing’s wrong, little one. Nothing.” He laughed once more and then turned and walked away, leaving Kyle standing on the sidewalk, dumbfounded.

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