Cocktails, sushi, and my iPhone camera…

So the one bad consequence of the fact that my iPhone went through the laundry a few months ago, other than voiding my warranty, is that the camera is blurry now. There’s probably nothing I can do to fix it, but I figured I’d post and see if anyone had suggestions out there. Everything else about the phone works perfectly, and I don’t use the camera that much, and the photos are not that bad most of the time. I’ve already tried cleaning the little “lens” with lens cleaner to no avail. It *looks* fine…
here’s a comparison though where you can really see the difference. This was taken with my iPhone camera:
(Photos of sushi and cocktails lurking under the “more” tag…)

And here’s the same plate, photographed with corwin’s iPhone, which has NOT gone through the laundry:

World of difference. By the way, for those curious, this was a few rolls made for us by Hiro-san at Fugakyu last night (on Beacon Street just before Coolidge Corner). The one with the jalapeno and wasabi tobiko on it was truly fabulous, a “spicy tuna” roll in a completely unique way. To the right, salmon skin roll with sweet sauce, and to the left, a more traditional spicy roll with tempura crumble in the mix.
The drink you see in the background is a “tyku mojito,” made with shiso leaf instead of mint leaves and Ty Ku instead of cachaca.
Ty Ku, as it turns out, is a “fruity sake liqueur.” It was sweet and light and refreshing, with a similar kick to cachaca (which is distilled sugar). Found this web page about it:


  1. My son just did the same thing, and put the phone in dry uncooked rice to dry it out. It worked for him; I hope that it, or something. works for you.

    1. Ruth, that’s already how I dried it out in the first place. As I say above, the laundry incident was months ago, and the camera has never recovered. The rest of it is fine.

  2. Hmm… not sure how to help you out with the phone… I was gonna say the rice bag. But someone already beat me to it. Perhaps walk into the Apple Store and see if they have any suggestions? And agreed… this food looks amazing and is making me hungry! Those cocktails by TY KU are my favorite and I love the refreshing taste.

    1. Yeah, I did the rice MONTHS ago. At this point if the moisture is still trapped inside the camera lens, I don’t think there’s anything I can do to draw it out.

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