Sandy storm update… we're all fine here now. How are you?

The power went out around 2:45 in the afternoon here, amid howling winds that rattled the house. Lost phone and Internet at the same time. NSTAR had an easy to use mobile website I could use from my cell phone to report the problem. It said heavy winds had downed many lines in our area and caused many outages. Yep.
Managed to get in one game of cribbage while all electronic forms of entertainment were unavailable, and corwin cooked eggs and sausage on our gas stove with his battery-powered LED headlamp on.
Power came back at just before 6pm. Internet came back around 7:30pm. Regular phone still hasn’t come back but we have to check the box outside for that. The wind died down around 9pm and really hasn’t been much, and the only really heavy rain was between 6-8pm. Now it’s not even raining (midnight-thirty or so).
So basically everything’s back to normal here on this side of Boston. I have yet to check out news reports of whether the storm surge wreaked much flooding-type havoc here. My entire Twitter feed is about New York City, where it sounds like a severe disaster is underway, hospitals without power, fire trucks unable to get through because of flooding, 13+ feet water recorded at Battery, ConEd substations exploding spectacularly, cranes dangling, and the entire front walls of buildings (two, that I’ve heard of) blowing off.
Nothing like that here. I’m working on revising SLOW SURRENDER (my BDSM romance novel for Grand Central Publishing) and corwin is making a steak. All is well.

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