I need to hire someone who knows Quark and Lightning Source

I need to hire a freelancer to handle a couple of small book production jobs for me. I need someone who can handle pre-existing Quark Xpress files and the fussy file prep and uploading needs of Lightning Source.
I don’t have a huge budget but I am thinking it probably won’t be more than 2-3 hours of work per file, so how about $60 per book? Four books in queue right now already.
Details below:
Circlet Press is trying to publish many of our ebook titles in print-on-demand through Lightning Source.
We have pre-existing layouts of the interior pages from the ebook editions, done in Quark Xpress.
I’m out of time and energy to do all the fiddling with Lightning Source that seems required. Someone who is familiar with prepping and uploading files to that particular system is what I really need. I need someone who knows it better than I do.
Each book would need the following:
-interior ebook file made into bookblock PDF for interior printing, this means updating the copyright page and then doing all the settings etc so that the PDF meets the LSI specs
-front cover design transformed into full back-spine-and-front cover layout for paperback printing. we’ll supply the art, copy, and barcode, you put the pieces together and then all the settings etc so that the PDF meets the LSI specs
-upload the PDFs to our LSI account and handle all the whiny error messages. Okay, chances are if you are good at meeting LSI’s specs you won’t get nearly so many of those as I do. This is why I need to hire someone else to handle it.
I’m offering $60 per book. RIght now I have four titles backed up in the queue that need to be made available before December 15th. So that’s $240.
Any takers? Email resume/references/pitch letter to me at ctan.circletpress At Gmail Dot Com.


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