Royal Treatment is out

I know I blogged about my writing process on Royal Treatment, but haven’t yet done the OMG THE BOOK IS OUT! post yet, have I? OMG, THE BOOK IS OUT.
What’s kind of neat is that Torquere Press always has one of their established authors review the book, so I have my first review already, technically. It’s here: Thanks to C.C. Bridges for her review, who said, “In ‘Royal Treatment’ Cecilia Tan has created an intriguing universe where power plays and politics are settled in the playroom. There is much to fascinate here…”
There’s also a sample chapter up for your reading delight, if you just scroll down from the review.
If you’re ready to buy, just click here for the Torquere catalog page.
I’m prepping another excerpt to hand out on a flyer at Arisia and perhaps read from. Yum. My reading will be midnight on Friday night of the con, in the William Dawes room! That tomorrow night!

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