Magic U review

Tamela Quijas, the author of paranormal romances Blood of the Beast and My Lord Raven, read Magic University Book One: The Siren and the Sword, and loved it! Her full review is up at her blog here:
but among the things she said that made me squee:
“I enjoyed every word Ms. Tan had penned to the page, the magical touches of her story dropping me into the midst of a delightful fantasy world filled with mystery and intrigue.”
And “The Siren and the Sword tale leaps from the page in erotic, steam filled drama that is guaranteed to singe your fingertips! A wonderful group of friends, magic that flies from page to page, the novel is a delightful sexual romp into a magical world that will not disappoint. Harry [Potter] could only wish he had classes this entertaining.”
Book Two: The Tower and the Tears will be out in a matter of weeks, so if you’ve been meaning to read Book One, now’s a good time. Especially since Ravenous is having a massive “all books only $1.79” sale right now. Sale will end real soon now!
Purchase page is here:

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