Streaming video chats: advice? ideas?

Slow Surrender CoverSo, Slow Surrender is going live this coming week, and I’m trying to get my act together on an online chat. Should I do it with Google Hangouts, Livestream, uStream, or a service like Shindig?
Shindig is offering to host me, but my publicist says they’ve been disappointed so far with the technology not working as well as needed, and suggested Google Hangouts instead. I did a Google Hangout last year when the Daron Kickstarter was going, and only had a few people there “live” but a lot of people watched the video later. We’ve done a few for writers groups, though, and sometimes it’s very buggy. So I’m not sure on a Google hangout either.
Livestream and uStream both seem pretty reliable but for people to “chat” with me they’d have to type in their questions to an IM window rather than it being live video. OTOH, maybe for an erotic book that’s preferable? Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

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