Slow Surrender: Video Tour of Manhattan at Night

Slow Surrender CoverIn the free sample of Slow Surrender (my erotic romance novel just published by Hachette/GCP/Forever Yours) I posted to my website earlier, at one point our female main character, Karina Casper, is walking from the bar where she works and talking to our male main character on the phone.
Wait, you haven’t read the sample? It’s HERE so read it and then come back.
Okay, as I was saying, in the opening chapter, it is the night of a huge concert at Madison Square Garden and although the show is long since over, the area around the Garden is congested with crazed fans of Lord Lightning blocking the streets. I thought readers might enjoy seeing what that area is like in this video tour. (There’s also a photo slideshow below the cut for those of you who don’t do streaming video…)
From the book: “The Seventh Avenue sidewalk was crowded with concertgoers and roving packs of glam rockers, even though the concert was long over.”
Let’s see what that sidewalk looks like…

“Normally I’d go over to 34th to walk on the busier—and therefore safer—street, but right then I was too mad to care. I turned and stalked for half a block on 32nd Street, fuming.”
Continuing our tour in Karina’s footsteps, she goes up 32nd Street.

As she is walking, Karina calls her mystery man on the phone. And he asks:
“Your shift is over?”
“Very over,” I said with some vehemence. “I quit.”
“I see. Well, where are you now? Sounds like you’re outdoors.”
“I am. Thirty-Second Street, just west of Sixth.”
“The north side of the street?”
“Yeah, the mall side.”

This, of course, is just before the real fun begins!

When he directs her to continue:
“Walk around the block.”
“Which direction?”
“So that the car may follow you, of course. Go up to Sixth and turn left.”
I started to walk. I was wearing a stained shirt, black jeans, and my clunky black work shoes, but I felt like I was in stilettos and a miniskirt. I was completely slippery down below, and I could feel his eyes on me as I walked.
I turned the next corner heading back toward the Garden and could hear the engine hum as the car followed around the turn.
Suddenly his voice was sharp. “No, don’t.”

He is so entranced by her and she is so distracted by how aroused the kinky game they are playing has made her that they don’t realize until she turns the next corner that if they keep going, oops, they’ll run right into the roving hordes of fans. What to do, what to do? That’s when Karina gets into the car.
By the way, I couldn’t help but notice the following at the Manhattan Mall, the windows right where I was filming were a quite kink-fetish-BDSM-like display! Over the door of that entrance was a huge Victoria’s Secret sign, but the mannikins in the window of the store on that level (Express) were wearing leather-cuff style high heels, chain collars, and the like! Coincidence? Well, yes, and yet… check this out.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the real world my book takes place in!

WHERE TO BUY Slow Surrender

Released March 5, 2013 in ebook from Hachette/Grand Central Publishing/Forever. (Paperback forthcoming August 6, 2013.)


    1. Yes! The publisher will be releasing book 2 of the series on January 28, 2014. They showed me the cover design and everything already, but with the paperback of book 1 coming out August 6, January is the soonest they could get it out after that!

  1. Yesss! Love the video tour-I was picturing a much smaller alleylike neighborhood. Settling in to read Slow Surrender tonight.

    1. Yayyy! I’m so glad I did these little videos. I just happened to arrive at Penn Station one night recently before my ride could get there to pick me up, so I wandered the streets with my phone camera. Love technology!
      I hope you enjoy the book! It’s a wild (limo) ride. 🙂

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